Detailed List of Gazette of India 2015-2016
Vide Office Order No. 761/O&M/2013 dt.14.11.2014 Government of India, Department of Publication, Ministry of Urban Development, Delhi.
Annual Subscription — 2015-2016 (1.4.2015-31.3.2016)




Part I Sec i

Notifications relating to Non statutory Rules, Regulation, Orders and Resolutions
issued by the Ministry of Government of India (other than the Ministry of Defence) and by the Supreme Court of India

Rs. 13000

Part I Sec ii

Notifications regarding Appointment, Promotions, Leave etc. of the Government Officers issued by the Ministry of Defence and by the Supreme Court of India   

Rs. 11440

Part I Sec iii

Notifications relating to resolutions and non-statutory orders issued by the Ministry of Defence. (Not Published Regularly)

Rs. 7800

Part I Sec iv

Notifications regarding appointments, promotions, leave etc. of Government Officers issued by the Ministry of Defence.  

Rs. 39000

Part II Sec i

Acts, Ordinance and Regulations

Rs. 3640

Part II Sec i (A)

Authoritative texts in Hindi Language of Acts, Ordinance and Regulations

Rs. 9360

Part II Sec ii

Bills & Reports of Select Committee on Bills

Rs. 4160

Part II Sec. (3) Sub Sec (i)

General Statutory Rules (including Orders bye-laws etc. of a general character) issued by the Min. of Govt. of India (other than Min. of Defence) & by Central Authorities (Other than Administration of the Union Territory)

Rs. 21840

Part II Sec. (3) Sub Sec (ii)

Statutory Orders & Notifications issued by the Min. of Govt. of India (Other than the Min. of Defence) and the Central authorities (other than Administration of  Union Territories)

Rs. 29640

Part II Sec. (3) Sub Sec (iii)

Authoritative taxes in Hindi (other than such taxes, published in Sec. 3 of Sec. 4 of Gazette of India of general statutory rules and statutory orders (including bye-laws of general character) issued by Min. including Min. of Defence and general authorities (other than Administration of Union Territories)      

Rs. 14040

Part II Sec iv

Statutory rules and orders issued by the Min. of Defence

Rs. 9880

Part III Sec i

Notifications issued by High Courts, Controller and Auditor General, UPSC Indian railways and attached and subordinate offices of Govt. of India.

Rs. 23400

Part III Sec iii

Notifications issued by or under the authority of Chief Commissioner

Rs. 7280

Part III Sec iv

Misc. notifications including notifications, orders advertisements and notices issued by  statutory bodies

Rs. 19240

Part IV

Advertisements and notices issued by private individuals and private bodies

Rs. 3640

Total annual subscription(ALL PARTS)

Rs. 217360


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*As per Terms and Conditions of Government of India Department of Gazette of India
"The Subscription of Gazette of India is to be paid well in advance and in full before 15th March. If the amount is received late i.e. after 31st March your name will be enlisted for the forth coming issues from the date of receipt of your subscription against full subscription." Now back issues are not supplied and subscription is to paid for full year.